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moments of love remain laden with confusion and darkness so
thick i can’t see past my own selfishness . . . a touch of a hand
feels like all i’ll ever need . . . or the memory of its touch . . . yes

i’ve learned how to take then give and give . . . i’ve learned
how to stay small . . . how to overwhelm . . . how to forgive
parts of me that overflow my body . . . let them go let them

a child quivers like a pond beneath me . . . i sink into her when
the moon rises and night no longer means fear . . . i’ve learned
to fear like the stalest air needed fear unlearned fear then lost it

now your face is a foreign country i can’t touch . . . your warmth
smells like all i’ll never be . . . but here i’ll still touch your face
. . . filling emptiness with the impossibility of love . . . yours yours


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